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10 december, 1948
Sineşti, Ungheni, Republic of Moldova

Member of Moldavian Union of Artists
15 March 1993, Painting department

str. Victor Crăsescu 42, MD-2059 Kishinev
Postal address
P.S.Bolshoi pr.57/1, apt 54, 197101, St. Petersburg, Russia

Tel. (home): [+373.22] 46 06 42
Tel. (workshop): [+373.22] 44 97 08
GSM: [+373] 069038594

In spite of the concentration of his art, Mihai Tarus is very diverse. A synthetic perspective, a harsh approach that always focuses on the compositional and chromatic balance; I do not know what instinct of perfection in every other plastic construction offers him coherence. I would be tempted to explain the unity of his art through the strong structure he shows and through the plastic language. He inevitably speaks a distinct tongue. It is a cultured language that comprises the numerous findings of the modern and contemporary art, much more wide than those of the Russian suprematism in the light of which his artistic personality formed. It does not matter what technique he approaches (plaster and color, cardboard and color, collage), the visual effects are congruent to the level of the personal style, and the instinct as well as the reason serve perfectly to the set goals. The formal expressivity and accuracy unveil to us a perfectionist.
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